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     Diamonds in the Rough is an authentic autographed memorabilia consignment company dedicated to raising funds for charities and organizations.  We take great pride in the opportunity to help our clients and offer a professional service at NO COST and NO RISK.  

     If you have ever tried to organize a fundraising event, you know how difficult it is to put together a successful silent auction.  It takes a lot of time and effort to gather all of your auction items, and in most cases those items come at a cost or a risk.  At Diamonds in the Rough, we take all of that worry away.  All of our memorabilia is 100% certified and has proven to be well received at hundreds of fundraising events.

     One of the many things that set Diamonds in the Rough apart from other consignment companies is that we offer a complete turnkey service with NO FEE to the fundraising organization.  Not only do we provide all of the authentic autographed memorabilia for your fundraiser, a Diamonds in the Rough employee will be present at your event to run a professional auction from start to finish.  We set up bid sheets, provide pens, and generate interest in all of the memorabilia as well as any other auction items you may have.  When the auction is complete, we gather the bid sheets, announce the winners, collect payment and distribute the memorabilia.  Then, in 7-10 short days, your charity will receive a check from Diamonds in the Rough for the amount raised during your event.


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